November 15, 2020

The Picky Chicky Gets the Goodies!

There once was a little Chicky who spent a lot of time with her great-grandparents, two of her most favorite people in the world. Her grandma always made sure to have her favorite cake made just the way she likes it…NO icing! Butter brickle cake didn’t need any as far as she was concerned.

You see, Chicky was different than most. She knew what she liked and didn’t like and was never afraid to ask for what she liked (politely, of course, as her parents raised her right, after all). If there was something she didn’t like, she’d say ICKY! So, her grandma gave her the nickname, Icky Picky Chicky, which she'd lovingly call her whenever Chicky declared something icky.

So, that’s how little Miss Chicky got her name…The Picky Chicky. No need for the “Icky” part, really, because Chicky simply doesn’t pick icky stuff. Hahaha! So, what better career path could there be for a Chicky so picky than being a sort of shopper-for-all, finding all the good stuff, doing all the legwork to weed through product and customer service reviews, making sure the price is right?

Of course, there’s no way Chicky could fit all that stuff in her modest little nest. That’s why she chooses to do business with trusted partners where she knows she can find what she’s looking for. So, if it’s something Chicky wouldn’t buy, herself, then you won’t find it on these here pages!

Chicky even includes some of the things she and her family have already bought and are now passing on for others to enjoy. Considering her grandparents started their little family during The Depression, their chicklings were taught to take care of their things. "If you break it, then you're out of luck, so you better take care of it," is what they were taught.

So, whether buying directly from Chicky or one of her trusted partners, you can rest assured that Chicky will only offer something she wouldn’t mind buying herself. Chicky has all sorts of interests and eclectic tastes, which she pins about on her Pinterest boards as mepickychicky, so there’s no telling what sorts of things you’ll find here…not just products, either!

Chicky loves gathering cool ideas, particularly things related to being eco-friendly and self-reliant, saving money, eating and using natural things, turning one’s home into a haven without breaking the bank, and those sorts of things. So, as Chicky works her magic and starts adding the stuff she finds, there’s bound to be something for everyone here, whether it’s some new idea to try or something to buy!

So browse around and see what goodies you find and be sure to check back often…wink-wink! You can even bookmark us at...